This website is home to selected pictures and chapters from a novel by Jennifer Croft. The novel was written in Spanish first, as Serpientes y escaleras, and then in English, as HomesickNeither the Spanish nor the English is a translation.

Portions of the novel have been or are currently being translated into other languages by wonderful writers, literary scholars and translators from around the world. The names of the novel's characters, as well as the design and sequencing of the chapters, varies from language to language.

Homesick has been featured in the Chicago Tribune, The Tulsa World, Harlequin Creature, La Agenda (in Spanish) and elsewhere. The first public readings from Homesick took place in December, 2015, in Kyiv, Kharkiv and Poltava, Ukraine, as part of a tour sponsored by the U.S. State Department and the University of Iowa's International Writing Program. More recent readings have occurred at the MacDowell Colony (August, 2016), Massolit (September, 2016; sponsored by the City of Krakow), the University of Iowa (October, 2016), Alias Books in Los Angeles (December, 2016) and The Gallery at Marco Place in Venice, California (October, 2017). Continued global outreach is an important component of the Homesick project.

A blog featuring illustrated readers' responses to the novel is available here.