89.  Amy is found curled up in the corner on the floor in her room.


Amy is found curled up in the corner on the floor in her room. It is Tommy who finds her. He has been looking for her all day. She expects for him to pick her up, but he keeps on asking her questions instead. What have you done? he keeps saying. She doesn’t know. She falls back asleep. She wakes back up again, sort of, when the paramedics come, because the paramedics shake her and shout into her face, saying if she doesn’t go with them she’ll spend three days in lockdown.

Interstate 80 (Iowa), 2015.

Interstate 80 (Iowa), 2015.

Amy doesn’t know what lockdown is. She reaches for her octopus. It is filthy now, its arms worn down to loose nubs of fabric. Now she tries not to get any blood on it, but she holds it to her and buries her face in it and stays that way as they carry her down the stairs and out the door, and she ends up getting blood on it anyway.

The boys from the fraternity next door line up along the sidewalk to see what the commotion is, and Amy watches it from the window of her room, sees her body float down the drive on a slim white cot, sees it get lifted up and shut inside the back.

Tommy holds her hand. She tries to pull away from him, but she finds that she can’t move. The EMT shouts at them, asks Amy questions she can’t answer. She has forgotten all the answers. The EMT wants to know where she got the pain pills, says you stole them, says, so, you’ve been underage drinking. Amy goes to sleep.